We don't talk, we're married!

Relationship Quandaries

October 6, 2014

by, Glori Zeltzer, MA, MFT


I was waiting in line at my local coffee house recently, when I overheard a woman say to her friend: “We don’t talk, we’re married.”

I chuckled to myself, but was stunned. Really, she and her husband don’t talk to each other? And from her statement, it sounded to me like she thought that was just the way things are when you’re married.

How sad!

Where did this “norm” come from? Where did we learn that when we get married, we stop connecting with our partner? All those wonderful exploratory dates, learning everything we could about our partners, sharing our history and hopes and dreams, and it stops when we get married?

Most of us didn’t learn how to have an intimate relationship from our parents. Either they didn’t know how to have one, or we were raised by a single parent.

Is this the relationship you have, or one you’d like to NOT have? Contact me for how you can continue to have a loving, alive connection throughout your relational life.

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