E-Therapy Options

Do you have a time consuming career?

Does carving out time for a therapy appointment feel impossible?

Have you tried therapy in the past, but found yourself canceling because of work committments?

Is your partner complaining that they don't feel

as important as your work?

Is privacy a priority?

I work with doctors, attorneys, corporate executives, first responders, and just plain very busy people and their partners over a secure online platform. You can be at home or in your office while I am in my office.

Other reasons for choosing remote, or "E-therapy" are:

• Reducing travel time to appointments

• Scheduling a meeting during the work day without leaving the office

• When travel takes you out of town

• Working with a therapist outside your local area that has the expertise    you require

There is a unique intimacy working face-to-face over the web

that I find to be as valuable as the in-office experience.

For more information, or to schedule and appointment, please email me at glorizeltzerma@gmail.com

I am an experienced E-therapist, having worked with individuals and couples who prefer an electronic connection. I use a HIPPA approved teleconference platform that ensures our privacy.